So gewann Floraneum Lenormand eine internationale Kampagne

This is how Floraneum Lenormand won an international campaign

Sometimes I still can't believe it myself, but with a lot of hard work and fever it actually came true: The Floraneum is the first German Lenormand card deck to win a global crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. I'm a bit proud of that because it was a tough race to achieve the campaign goal.

Kickstarter is a platform on which, among other things, artistic and creative works such as Oscar-winning films are crowdfunded. So it takes a little courage to face such a competition as an internationally unknown artist. But fantastic artists from other countries have also had successful Lenormand deck campaigns. Just nobody from Germany. I wanted to change that and just did it - with a little naivety, with which I always like to throw myself into the deep end of new projects. If you would like to see the 2023 campaign, you can find it here .

It ended well in the end. I was able to finance the illustrations of the deck, which I left to an illustrator for the first time, as well as the high printing costs with the campaign profits. Of course, in accordance with the rules on Kickstarter, every crowdfunder received a deck with a goodie bag for their efforts.

What makes the Floraneum Lenormand deck unique?

The lovingly illustrated motifs of the Floraneum Lenormand remind the soul of a time far away and a world that was full of beauty and harmony. The medieval appearance of the symbolism is decorated with a romantic floral decoration. The special feature of these cards is the calm, centered and clear representation of the symbols. This creates an intuitive and intensive connection between the reader and the cards, which makes interpreting the cards easier, especially for beginners. This deck of cards is therefore ideal for the large table.