Das neue Jane Austen Lenormanddeck für 2024

The new Jane Austen Lenormand deck for 2024

It has long been my dream to bring a deck of cards onto the market in the style of literary icon Jane Austen. Anyone who knows her famous works, including the ones that were made into films, raves about the romantic stories about love, friendship and family, like in “Pride and Prejudice”. The novels of the 19th century English writer are still celebrated today. Now for the first time it will serve as a template for a Lenormand card deck that I am developing together with an illustrator. In 2024 I will publish a deck of cards that illustrates all facets of this enchanting dramaturgy. The setting is the magnificent gardens, castles and mansions of the Regency period.

The deck of cards will consist of 36 classic Lenormand cards and another 36 additional cards and will be an exclusive, limited edition with a slip box and an extensive paper booklet. Before release, this double deck will probably go through a global crowdfunding campaign and hopefully complete successfully like the Floraneum Lenormand .

The first impressions in the pictures show the first-class artistic work, which represents Jane Austen's finely imagined novel world as a symbolic kaleidoscope.