Meine Kartendecks in Japan

My decks of cards in Japan

I'll tell you briefly what my Lenormand card decks are doing in a workshop in Tokyo. For several years I have been collaborating with a Japanese entrepreneur and influencer who, like me, sells decks of cards and at the same time gives Lenormand coaching (@crystal_rose_beauty on Instagram). I am very happy to be able to work with her.

It looks like my decks are quite popular among Japanese and South Korean Lenormand users. In any case, I'm as happy as a snow queen every time I see how hard work is being done on my decks - whether in this country or in the Far East. In this photo you can see participants in a Lenormand workshop who are currently making interpretations with my Epic Light Lenormand cards.

What particularly excites me about the Japanese attitude to the Lenormand is the diligence with which the users practice. In Japan it is a commandment to devote yourself to things with dedication, patience and perseverance. Attributes that we sometimes don't pay enough attention to because we believe that everything has to happen quickly and with as little effort as possible.
However, my personal Lenormand story showed me that I had only internalized the cards over the years thanks to countless hours of practice on all levels. Because I really wanted to get involved in it, all the practicing and learning wasn't a burden for me, but rather part of the path to success.

This photo reminds me of this intensive time of learning Lenormand and the passion that you develop when you focus on one thing - like the participants in this workshop.

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