About me

Find out more about my personal journey through the world of Lenormand.


My steps from beginner to founder

My name is Kathleen Bergmann. I am an expert in Lenormand and the founder of this shop. Over the last 20 years I have carried out countless card-based consultations and taught many Lenormand courses. I started from scratch and, thanks to my intensive practical experience, added a few important milestones for me.

2007-2009 Regular radio interviews (domestic and international) with general previews for celebrities

2008-2010 The Lenormand card course, Volumes 1-3, Shaker Media Verlag

2011 Founding of the first German blog about the interpretation of Lenormand cards

2014-2015 The Fabulous World of Lenormand, book, Königsfurt-Urania Verlag
2021 Revised new edition of the title

2018 Founding of her own online shop and international sales on Etsy

2018 My first self-designed deck of cards, further product developments

2019 Start of my YouTube channel

2019 Start of my Chakrakraft blog

2022 The Lenormand Check, book, Shaker Media Verlag

2023 International crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with the Floraneum Lenormand successfully completed


My mission

Anyone who knows me through my books, my blog or YouTube channel (weltdeslenormand) knows that I am not afraid to pass on my knowledge and the associated experience to the fullest extent. It is thanks to my once desperate search for in-depth knowledge of Lenormand in the early years of my learning path that I now make no secret of the art of interpretation.

I want to make Lenormand accessible and understandable for everyone.

Likewise, over the years I have absorbed everything that has come to me from my students and readers. In all the course lessons and coaching sessions that I gave over the years, I listened carefully to what the needs of the Lenormand learners were. I not only took them seriously, but I took them to heart. Because in everyone who came to me I recognized myself as a seeker on a long path of wandering and confusion.

This is where my irrepressible desire comes from to reach at least one milestone on your path
set. If I succeed, at least with my works and channels
Leaving a mark that gives you a much-needed clue or a nudge in the right direction is mission accomplished for me.

If you are interested in my adventurous journey from beginner to expert, you can read about it in my last book publication “ The Lenormand Check ”. In it I report openly about my wrong paths and home stretches.

decks of cards

How everything began

Writing about Lenormand cards is one thing, designing them yourself is a completely different story. After reading several Lenormand books, that's exactly what appealed to me. Thanks to my photography knowledge, I was already familiar with the tools of a graphic designer. Because without image editing programs like Photoshop and Co. it doesn't work. Otherwise it would be like making pottery without clay.

As is often the case in my life, I plunged into this project blindly, without detailed planning and without outside help. Luckily, I knew a little about print through my writing work. If you are convinced of something and have unbridled joy in it, a lot of things can go wrong, but you are able to overcome the challenges. And with every step and misstep you become wiser.

So I had already gained a lot of experience with my first card deck, the Lichtblick Lenormand , which gave me the impetus to tackle my second Lenormand card deck in 2020:The Epic Light Lenormand. A number of other Lenormand decks have now been added, such as the Kingdom's Night Lenormand , the Fairylandia Lenormand and Cosmic California . Additional cards have been published for various decks and are now very popular in Lenormand circles.

Since I'm not a good illustrator myself and focus on creating photographic and photorealistic worlds, I entered into a collaboration with an international artist for illustrated decks like the Floraneum Lenormand , which even won a global crowdfunding campaign .


The heart of my Lenormand world

Even though I initially had no idea how to write a technical book, let alone publish it, writing was a loud call that I followed without hesitation. Ultimately, I had an inner mission, which I already reported above: Learning Lenormand should be possible for everyone without any effort or detours. There should be a complete guide through the entire world of Lenormand
carried out accurately.

I have fulfilled my mission book by book, starting with the three-part textbook series “The Lenormand Card Course.” To be honest, when the first manuscript was submitted, no one at the publisher really believed that the book would be a success. In 2022 it became a publisher's bestseller.

My greatest work and therefore also my most powerful challenge was “The Fabulous World of Lenormand,” which came after long, almost hopeless rounds of negotiations
was finally allowed to be published by the renowned Königsfurt-Urania Verlag.
Today it is considered a standard work of cartomancy literature in professional circles
traded. This book is like a part of my soul and it completed my journey through the world of Lenormand.

But because my zodiac sign is Virgo, I am also pragmatic, so I wanted a solid guide for all those who value solid basics in the professional use of the cards. For me, my current book “The Lenormand Check” rounds off my knowledge and offers practical know-how for beginners and advisors.

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